Thursday, 10 May 2018

Will Smiths Well - being

Describe what is happening in the video with links to Will Smith’s well-being. You may embed the video clip or a picture to aid your writing.

Physical: The part where Uncle Phil gave Season tickets to the clippers to Will belongs to Physical education because they were using there ability to move around. As Uncle Phil gave the tickets Will was feeling really excited and that's what made him all cheerful and excited.

Social: The Scene where Will confessed to uncle Phil that he didn't deserve the tickets relates to Social because he needed to tell the truth on what really happened he wanted to be truthful. This relates to social because he was keeping a big secret away from Carlton's parents (Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv.)

Mental/Emotional: As Will was explaining on what really happened he was really emotional. He showed his feelings to his Uncle, Aunt and his cousins because of how bad he felt for Carlton. This relates to Mental Emotional because Will is sharing his emotions by apologizing to his Aunt, Uncle and Cousins

Spiritual: The part where Will said that the pills were from his locker stays in Spiritual because it shows how he was standing up for himself and how it was his sense of belonging. This also relates to Spiritual because Will was being emotional on how and why he had the pills

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Chocolate muffins

Today in Food technology, me and my class made yummy and delicious Chocolate Muffins. As always my cooking partner was Ashley. Today in cooking class I found that while making chocolate muffins it was very easy because the past few days we were practising making Muffins. While making our muffins I enjoyed it because it looked very yumm. Me and my partner managed to finish our cooking very fast because we knew the steps on how to make chocolate muffins. I enjoyed the taste of my chocolate muffins and next time when we have the chance to make more chocolate muffins I hope that we do better and that we will follow the instructions. Here are the photos of our chocolate muffins, please leave a comment and enjoy.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Macaroni Salad

On our 3rd week of school we made delicious and tasty Multi Coloured Muffins, my partner was Ashley and we made red cupcakes. We added all of our ingredients and cooked the cupcakes. As we saw our cupcakes rise in the oven we were excited to taste our recipe. As we put the cupcake in our mouths it was very tasty and moist. What I liked about the cupcakes was that it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside here is the picture for you to enjoy.

On the next week we made Peach Cobbler, it was not my favorite but it tasted good. What I liked about it was the peaches decoration at the top of the cobbler. What I also liked about it was the whipped cream that it was surrounded around the Peach cobbler and that what made it tasty and moist.  
Yesterday, Tuesday on the 6th of March, me and my class had the opportunity to cook Macaroni Salad,, at first I thought that it wouldn't taste good, but as I was cooking the Macaroni and mixing in all the ingredients, I could smell the nice onions mixed with the chunk of meat. The macaroni salad was really tasty, and delicious, my favourite part of all was the chunk of meat. 

Monday, 5 February 2018

Social Studies Goals for 2018

                                                        SOCIAL STUDIES GOAL
Social Studies Goals This year in Social studies one of my main goals for this year is to always strive for improvements. This means that I have to do well in all subjects. I have to sit next to the people who will help me concentrate on my work, What I also need to do to strive for improvements is that once I finish my work I should always go back and check if I have any mistakes and fix it then I get to post it onto my blog and show everyone what i have been learning about in class.

- Always stay on task
- To not distract others from there learning
- Always come early to class and to not miss a lesson
- Sit next to the right people who can help me and not distract me
- Stay focused
- Listen to what the teacher has given us to do

- Adding more details and information for the teacher to understand where the story is coming from
- Always listen to the teacher so that I can finish my work quickly
- Be engaged in my work

- To get a better grade
- Get a grade that will be higher that achieve or maybe merit.