Monday, 19 June 2017

Ms Robertson's Journey

In Social Studies Class, we had a guest that had came and told us about her Journey from Samoa to New Zealand. This new guest was Mrs Robertson. Here is a Personal migration story that I have been reflecting on. What I really enjoyed was that she had no one to cope with because she couldn't really understand English but she carried on and kept reaching her goal and she made it here is my reflection and please leave a comment.

1. How many years has Ms Robertson’s been in NZ ? (think about what year she arrived in NZ)
  • 1962 - 2017
  • She was 18 and a half years old.
  • She’s been in New Zealand for 65 years now
  • She’s 73 years old

2. What sort of work did she do when she first arrived in NZ ?
  • Hospital

3. What do you remember about how Mrs Robertson was brought up by her parents ?
  • Her parents were hard working
  • She said that she would always get hidings from her parents because she would always talk back and in Samoa you have to respect your elders.

4. What was the main reason why Mrs Robertson was sent to NZ ?
  • Her dad wanted to build a pakea house
  • He was thinking of his grand childrens overseas to come back to Samoa

5, What did she do with her first Pay packet ?
  • When she got her first pay packet, she went to the Post Office and sent the money to Samoa to help them with things that they really needed
  • Every week, all money she earns get sent to Samoa

6.What things did she need help with when she first came to NZ ?
  • Her language she couldn’t speak english much
  • She had to ask a lot of Questions because she didn’t understand anything but she carried on.
  • She couldn’t pronounce words properly
  • She couldn’t cope well with her work mates when she came from Samoa

7. What did you enjoy or find most interesting about Mrs Robertson story ?
What I enjoyed about Mrs Robertson’s story was, her journey from Samoa to New Zealand. I was really interested in her story because when she had a job in New Zealand she was really struggling with her language because she didn’t know how to speak fully english, so she kept asking questions and carried on with her life. That message to me is important because no one can stop you from reaching that goal of yours.

8. What did you learn from listening to  Mrs Robertson story ? (Is there anything about her story that made you think about your own life - that you can relate to ?  any advice ...)
  • I learnt that you can do anything IF you try and Nothing is impossible
  • You can work hard and reach the goal that you want
  • There is no one out there who can stop you from reaching the goal that you want
  • She wanted her children to come back to NZ because they have learnt so much and that were well educated in NZ.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Migration Model

Today in Social Studies, me and my class has been working on our Migration poster. What is migration? Migration is something when people move from one place to another. This is a diagram about Tokelau compared to New Zealand. E.g Tokelau students has less technology, and us New Zealanders has heaps of devices to learn and to do many more things with it. Feel free to comment and please leave a comment.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Sitting the Mid Term Exams

Maths: Maths exams was alright I struggled most but made it to the end. Throughout the whole test I think that it was fine to me because, the questions were hard to solve and was hard to understand.

Science: Science exams, I struggle most at. To be very honest, in my opinion Science is my worst subject ever but at the same time I think that, I have high marks because I didn’t give up on the questions.

English: English exams was good. I think that I did good on this test because I had good answers. I think that I have succeed this test because, I knew what we had to do straight away and I was focused on the test.

Maori: Maori exams I could handle. I’m positive that I did my best, I think that I am pretty good at Maori Language because the test was the fastest test I’ve ever done.

Social Studies: Social Studies exams was pretty good because I could understand the text and I could answer it very quickly. What I liked about this exam or test is that we got to talk and write about the Tokelauan and I was pretty confident to do this test because I studied hard at home.

Throughout the whole exams I think that It was a nightmare because It was for 2 hours each test. I think that the test was alright at the same time also but was pretty long because back In primary It was like half an hour.

I really want to know what mark I got so that If I got bad ones I can learn from that mistake and can move on so I can do better in the next exam that will be coming up. I expect myself of having good marks at all subjects because I tried my best.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Health - Digizen

Today in health class me and my class has been working on Cyber Bullying. Here is a Digi zen that I have created. There was options that you had to pick, What you want the world to do? I said that I don't want anyone in the world to hack your page on any Social Media sites because it belongs to you and there is no right for that person to hack your account or page.

 Also on Social media I want to make sure that my friends are alright because I don't want anything to happen to them especially on the internet because nothing is private.

What is Keyboard Warriors?
Keyboard warriors means when someone is making wrong choices like when a person is posting aggressive or abusive photos and messages online.

Why are there Keyboard Warriors?
In my opinion I think that there is keyboard warriors because people wants to humiliate you in front of the whole world or probably because they don't want to express there anger. 
I also think that there are keyboard warriors because they want to abuse people online and that they can't say anything in front of there faces because they are too afraid.

What can we do to help stop the Keyboard Warriors?
I say that we should gather our people or the community to help stop those Keyboard Warriors. If that doesn't work than you can just help that person who is getting humiliated, and can help them find the Keyboard warrior.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Clean Digital Footprints

Today I went to Health class. Me and my class has been working on Digital Footprints, our teacher gave us 5 videos to watch and in those videos meant something and it was about How to be tidy on Social media. Here are 5 points from the video clip that I have watched. I hope you enjoy my google drawings and please leave a comment 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Water Cycle

Hey bloggers,
Here is a presentation that me and my group has been working on in science class. This is about Water Cycle, We had to make up our own questions about Water cycling. We hope you can learn from it and please leave a comment.

Maths, JB HI-FI

Here is a presentation that me and my group has been working on. We had to do a presentation about JB HI-FI. If you are wondering what JB HI-FI is... Well It is an Australian and New Zealand retailer of consumer goods, specialising in video games, Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs, electronics/hardware and home appliances. It is one of the fastest growing and most successful businesses of its kind, I hope you enjoy our work and please feel free to comment.