Thursday, 10 December 2015

Blast from the past

Here is a presentation about the Blast from the past. What I learned from this presentation was about rockets and heaps of other things. I hope you enjoy this presentation and please leave a comment.


  1. Hello Rowana! I hope that you are having a really good summer holiday so far. I'm looking forward to following your blog posts over the next few weeks, particularly if you choose to get involved in the Summer Learning Journey project. Happy 2016, Rachel

  2. Hi, Rowana! It was really interesting to read about your presentation about the "Blast from the Past." What was the most interesting thing that you learned about rockets? I really liked learning that the British used long sticks to help their rockets fly straight. So cool! I hope that you're enjoying the Summer Learning Program. Cheers, Leigh

  3. Hi from England !
    We are students at ACE and we are now reading some of your blogs so we can write back !
    From Alex Connor and Saskia and Skie

  4. I really like your presentation, good job!