Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Athletics Day!

Hi Guy's here is a writing that I have been working on. This is about Athletics day. It was fun doing them all and Next Gear I want to try my best at everything. Please leave me a comment

On the 13th of october 2015, Pt England school had Athletics Day. Their was 4 different colors which was Hokule’a, Hinemoana, Te Aurere and Hikianalia. I was in Hokule’a yes Green! “Okay Girls Let's move on to the next activity” said Ms Hockley. It was time for High Jump. I was walking with my friends whispering to her ear and saying I won’t make it, I have short legs.

“Don’t worry at least you will give it ago and you tried your best” replied my friend. Miss King was telling us the instructions and we went off. There was 1 mat that was for the people that will just be doing it for fun and the other mat will be for people who wants to come 1st 2nd and 3rd.

I couldn’t decide which one I would go to so I said “I am going to go on the Fun Mat” but because miss King wanted me to go I didn't want to because it went higher and higher but I won’t make it. So It was my turn on the fun mat, than I go running as fast as I could and wondering if I could make it “JUMP” said my friends behind me, So I jumped and YAY!!! I did it.

My Confidence are back I am standing at the back of the line yelling “Make it Higher Make it Higher.” It was much harder now I took a Deep Breath when it was close to my turn. breathing in and out okay I am getting ready my face looked really series I ran as fast as I could and there I go I jumped and suddenly my foot touched the pole and there it goes, it suddenly dropped at the tip of my toe. “Oh Well at least you tried your best” said my friends behind me.

Overall it was fun doing high jump I didn't know I could make it through the first pole. Yay!!! later that day I was so proud of myself. Next Gear I am wanting to join High Jump Competition to come 1st, 2nd or 3rd, if I don’t I can try another time.

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