Thursday, 18 February 2016

Narrative Writing.

Hello there, here is a Narrative writing that I have writ in for the past 2 weeks. This is about 2 survivors who were best friends and who went out camping with there family but unfortunately they were camping near a volcano that was about to erupt. Sorry I better leave the rest to you guys to read I hope you enjoy and please leave me a comment. 

The Two Survivors
Once upon a time in a spooky forest there lived a girl named Tina and her best friend Becca. They've been living in the forest for 2 years already, I don’t even know what happened at the start but they went out camping with their family and where they stay is where the volcano is.

They only slept at the forest for only 2 days but because they had to leave early there was smoke coming out of the volcano it looked like is was going to erupt. They packed their camping stuff and head to the car they didn’t have time to put on their shoes so they rushed to the car. While they were running they ran into little puddles that were boiling hot. “Ouch” said Tina “These puddles of water are boiling hot” said tina.

They both fell at the same time and there was two tunnels. They didn’t know which way their family went, Tina guessed the one on the left and Becca guessed the one on the right “Come on pick already” yelled Becca from the back. The Volcano started bursting into flames, lava started coming down slowly. Their family went to the right but unfortunately Becca and Tina went the wrong way both of them went to the tunnel where it leads to nowhere.

Just then Tina and Becca heard the car start they didn’t want to run out because they were scared that they are going to get hit so they both stayed there until the eruption ends. So after a few hours Tina couldn’t stop crying and Becca can not believe that there parents are gone they won’t find them ever again.

After when that story happened Becca and Tina went out to look for some wild berries, while they were looking Tina heard noises coming from the back of the bush “Shhhhhh” said Becca. They both walked towards the bush and pulled it apart. Becca and Tina was so surprised it was people they were so relieved

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  1. Hi Wana,It me liz. I really enjoyed reading your story.It was a really interesting story and you also used some really good words.Keep up the great work!😁😁