Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Immersion Assembly.

Hello there here is my Writing about what we did in the morning at Immersion Assembly. I  hope you enjoy and please leave me a comment.

On the First day of Term 3 Pt England school had a Immersion Assembly. "1, 2, 3 BANG he has it" yelled out Mr Burt, Mr Burt is selling Rugby balls and basketball balls, he's trading money to either save it or buy something what he really needs. Our Topic for this Term 3 is Trade and Enterpri$e. "Now its time for Team 1" said Mr Burt. What Team 1 was learning about is to make things to sell at the market and to make money for what they want or need. "Ok it is time for team 2." What team 2's learning and doing for this term is to make Ice cream and might sell them to check if it actually taste like the real ice cream.

"Ok Now lets give it up for Team 3." Team 3 is learning about what you are going to be when you grow up and what your Job is like Fire Engine, Doctor, Netball player and more, its good to have a Job because you sometimes get pay every week. "Its time for Team 4" Sassy, Happy and Calm, there was a boy walking with his Dog while he was walking he found $50 he didn't know what to do so Happy came up to him and said " yay!!! I found $50. Then Sassy came and said something about what he should spend it on. Then here comes Calm, Calm said to the boy don't spend on anything spend on what you really need not on what you want, so Bob went off with Calm.

On the next day Bob was mowing because he is going to get $25 from his next door neighbor, he finished and said to his neighbor "i'm finish can I have my $25" "okay" as the neighbor replied back. So she gave him money "But this is only $10" said Bob " Well you didn't do it properly I can see that its a little bit taller then another so Bob said " "Okay I'll keep it." Here comes Happy " Yay I have $10" oh my gosh girl I mean do you really have $10 said Sassy "I would rather buy MC Donald for lunch" said Calm in a Calm voice, so Bob decided to have lunch and off he went with Calm.

"Now last but not least its time for Team 5" What Team 5's learning about is what will we do if we had money? Will we spend it on what we need or spend it on what we want?  What I think that if I find Money or if I have money I think that I will not buy it on what I want I want to buy it on what i need because if people comes in your house and you have a Massive T.V, A closet of flash cloths and have lots of toys well you have no food so I,ll rather buy things that I need cause you don't wanna buy more cloths and you have no food no no no you need everything that you need. So it is best to buy things that you really need or save up money.

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