Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Rough Draft Writing

Hello here is a Rough Draft about Nanny Mcphee's Birthday. All she wanted was a Wheelchair because she takes a step for 20 seconds. I hope you will enjoy my Writing and please leave me a comment Thank you.

On a rainy Friday morning it was Nanny Mcphee’s 125th birthday. Her daughter Smally went in her creepy bedroom and said “ Happy Birthday Mum” “ Ohh Thank you “ as she replied back. Smally and Nanny Mcphee went to the living room to have some breakfast, Smally made her some Scrambled eggs with toast and spaghetti. “I,m full would you mind taking this away please Smally” said Nanny Mcphee. Nanny Mcphee wanted to tell smally something that she wanted for her birthday.

“ I have to tell you something Smally” “ What is it” Smally said “ Can you steal money from people because I want to have my own Wheelchair to go faster because I am very slow at walking and I take 1 step in about 20 seconds” “Okay I will try my best to get you that money for your wheelchair.”

So she went off stealing Money while Nanny Mcphee was acting poor trying to get people to give her money. A few minutes later they came back home at the same time and counted the money. They were too disappointed because they only made $5.00 in 1 day. So they had another idea, they decided to act poor together to get more money. “What a clever idea said Smally.”

They counted the money and they made $45 “YAYYYY” said Nanny Mcphee when she was walking slowly at home. So they kept counting just encase it was the right money to get the wheelchair and it was $50.00 but they didn't have enough so Nanny Mcphee just remembered the money they raised on the other day 5.00 they raised. So they counted the $5.00 together with the $45.00 and it was $50.00 so they went off buying Nanny Mcphee's Wheelchair.

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