Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Personal Logo's

 In the past Few weeks our Literacy class has been working on how to Design our own Logo. A Logo is something that you represent and what is about yourself like Cultures and other stuff. I hope you enjoy your logo and please leave me a comment.

Firstly, brainstorm some ideas of what would be interesting as a personal logo. This personal logo can be about anything it can be about yourself if not the ideas will come up.

Next In this stage you will draw out thumbnail concept which is a drawing that is the same size as your thumb. So once you've finished drawing 4 - 5 thumbnail concept, pick 2 of your favorite drawings and add it to the logo.

After that draw the 2 pictures on hyper-studio and draw the rest of the logo and see how it looks then, print it on paper and see how it looks. If the logo looks cool on paper check if it needs any changes

Lastly think of what the logo you made could be used for. The logo could be used for a team, for decorations and more. Hope you enjoy :)

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  1. Nice job Rowana! You have put forth great effort with your logo, and I am looking forward to your WeVideo presentation!