Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Recount Writing

"And here comes Nesian Fusion" yelled out Mr Burt with his Microphone, I was coming up the stage in front of the whole school my heart was pumping and I was feeling scared. We all lined up I was at the front leading with my partner Melenoa, facing at the back and telling the little ones to fill in the gaps, While I was telling the little ones to fill in the gaps I could tell that they were nervous by the look of there face.

The song has started we were nervous and we did our dancing bit with the stick. I was too scared because after the song, me and my partner had to do solo's Yes dancing on our own. I was getting my confidence back and now that I got  my confidence I decided to spin even faster and this time I felt Exhausted and tired of spinning.

Finally it was the last song I was embarrassed of myself because I dropped my stick but the most important thing to do it just keep going and keep smiling. So I did it, I heard my dad yelling "Go Rowana" at the back. I was so proud of myself because I dropped my stick and kept going. I hope you enjoy my first thing I did and please leave me a comment here is some pictures of us during that day.

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  1. Great job Rowana! Next time, I would love to see you use figurative language when writing your recounts. Also, you did a GREAT job with your solo! You should be so proud of yourself!