Wednesday, 29 June 2016

2016 Report

Today after school the bell has rang at 12.30 because the whole school had Parent Interviews. As soon as the bell went off I straight away ran to the Breeze and saw my little brother Ofili and my Dad. Me and my siblings didn't know what time our Interview was but lucky our Dad knew. He went to the senior block first so I was really nervous, He went through my Class first but I had to stay and look after the others. A few minutes later I saw my little brother hold an Envelope and it said To the parents/guardian of Rowana, I opened it but I was too scared to get it out.

I put my hand in and got it out, at first I saw a few 5's which means to me good new's but unfortunately I opened it up and I saw my Reading, Writing and Maths. My Reading and Writing was probably working At or Below and my Maths was Well Below.

While I was reading thorough my Report I was quite disappointed in myself and I am sure that my dad was too and proud at the same time. I needed to work on my Reading and Writing and mostly my Maths. So yeah I was pretty gutted that I had to see my report like this. I had to work a lot harder because I didn't improve that much this year and it's also my last year this year at PES so I need to keep it going.

What do I need to improve this year:
My Working and to stay on task
I need to work on my Division and my Multiplication
I need to be focused and not to talk to my friends while I am doing work and I also can't be distracted by them also.
I also need to start asking and putting my hand up for a question or answer and I need to be confident because I am a school leader (House Captain)

So yeah that's what my School Report is about and I know that I need to work a bit more harder and I also need to achieve my goals. Please leave a comment and please tell me how your report was and also your Interview Thank you and best of luck :)  Rowana

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