Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tamaki College Day Out.

The Yr 8's from Pt England school was Invited to go to Tamaki College and to see how its like in college and what they experienced. Our first class was Social Study with Mr Allison, What did we learn in Social Study? 
Well we learnt about how we get to school and we also had to think if we are the richest country and what would we do if we were rich and had heaps of money. How did we get to school? I got to school by car because I live far from the school and if I lived near the school I wouldn't of walked to school.  

Are we the richest country? Well I say its Average because in our Country theirs poor people around the world and some other country's have everything and heaps amount of money. What would you do if you had heaps of money? If I had heaps of money I would donate it to the charity and hospitals for kids and will also help families that are needed.

Image result for Tamaki RiseThen we went off to Maths. In maths I learnt Algebraic, I also learnt what Expression is and also what equation is. Expression is a question that has no equal sign e.g 4a + 2a no equal. What Is Equation, well it means the opposite of the expression it has a equal sign e.g 5a + 2c =. I really had enjoyed learning about algebraic. Maybe I will come to Tamaki College hmmm Maybe Maybe not.

Ohh well I had heaps of fun going to Tamaki and getting to know what college is like. Mr Dunn said to us that don't think college will be too hard because it won't there will be heaps of teachers supporting you, Thank you and please enjoy.

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