Saturday, 24 September 2016

Reflection of Term 3

This term is nearly coming to an end, During this term I,v already made lots of great memories with my friends and teachers. It's sad to say that us yr 8's will be leaving next gear to college which will be pretty sad. When term 4 comes I would like to archive and accomplish my goals the following weeks while I am in school learning. 

I will be missing this term because already I have made so much friends and had good relationship with them. We had ups and downs but that didn't stop any of us of being friends. I think that this yr has been the best yr ever because My netball team, Sorority got to go on a trip to the sky city hotel and sleep there over night and also was invited to go to Andy's Burgers and bars after the Mystics game. 

My best memory of this term was getting to know the yr 7's and getting to go on a trip to the sky city.  This term I have made heaps of memories but most of them was laughing for no reason and just laugh about random things. Last best memory was that I get to have an opportunity to play for the A team in Netball. The funniest moments I,v experienced with my friends was when we had to make our Manaiakalani  movie we had to rush it then when we came back to class it was not that good so we had to start all over again to film but this time we were taking it easy not H and F (Hard and Fast).

This term had really helped me, next term I am going to try a lot better. My goal for next term is to archive in my subjects and to also be a good role model, So that i could be more successful in the future. This yr is the last yr for me so this means that I will try my best wait not my best my hardest to accomplish my goals. 

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