Friday, 4 November 2016

Maths Test

In the morning on Wednesday the Yrs 7/8 had a maths test. My maths class room 4 was pretty nervous I'll say, I was nervous too but excited at the same time. We only had 10 minutes left until we start the test we all got our papers, pencils and chrome books ready. It was 9.28 we had 2 minutes left until it will go silence. "3, 2, 1" said Mrs Tele' I went off and clicked start test.After a few minutes the questions went easy to hard to extreme hard, at first I really thought this was going to be ok but when I got to the harder questions I wasn't doing well I had to get out my Pencil and paper and start solving. 

We only had 32 minutes left and I was on question 28 I didn't know what to do but just sit and think what the answer was, I skipped that question and went to the other I needed another paper because it was full of scribbles because I didn't know what to do. Suddenly something just popped in my head I wrote it down and all I had to do is divide the number and than multiply it. I was really forsure that it was right but I had a go.

It was going to an end, "12 minutes left" said matua lewin, I went to question to question it went hard but at the same time I could get the answer. I was upto questoion 40 I only had 1 more to do and it was pretty easy it said What is 3/4 and it showed different types of answers and options. It was really easy and I skipped off to the last question 5 minutes left on the clock. I didn't know the acuall answer to the question I had to think and write it on paper, I still didnt get it and I was still thinking "This is too hard" I said to Matua lewin, He wouldn't help me but game me some advice he just said "Remember on what we worked on Numberlines, Decimals, Dividing, Multiply, Subtraction and addition now its your time to think" I said ok and I dicided to use my doubles and split by using 2 ways. 

Tic toc it was the only thing that I had in my head Time was going fast 2 minutes left I hurried myself and quickly had an answer in my head "Should I" I was thinking if it was or not Hmmmm. Only 50 seconds left I clicked it and pressed DONE I was pretty proud of myself that I got to finish the test. We had only had a few seconds to rest our fingers,  the boys collected our scrap of paper "and we are done" said matua lewin.

During the test as I said I was pretty nervous I didn;t know if I could do it or not but I just had to so that I can get a better report. I didn't know what to do but just think, at the end I was still nervous because I don;t know if the results will be bad or good. But overall I enjoyed the test and also enjoyed solving them by paper which is pretty weird. 

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