Thursday, 3 November 2016

What did I participated in?

Moo Juicers: In term 1 I applied to be a Moo jucier. What do you do? in moo juicers you hand out milk around the whole school and the most disgusting part is that you have to do the milk bins which smells and leaks if you drag it on the floor.

Netball: The last 4 years I playes netball with my close friends Khaia, Ariana, Lucy, Taunese, Liz U, Jessica, Mele, Marilyn and myself. This year we all entered a competition and we have to send a Positive sidelibe behaviour video to the judges. So later on we heard that we were in the top 2 and we had to tell people to vote for us on Facebook. My dad found out that we won the competition and we won a big prise. We got to go to the sky city hotel and stay over for 1 night, we got to have dinner at Andy's burger and bar and we also got to meet the Mystics netball team which was pretty exciting for us all.

Mix Netball: In term 3 we had a mix tournament of netball. We were in the A team which was hard because we were playing against the other schools. The boys and girls that was in my team was Temauri, Khaia, Taimana, Rose, Liz U, Taunese, Alfa, Owen and myself. Overall we won all our games and we came first place the hardest team we played was sylvia park because it was a all girls team and we all thought they cheated but atleast we came first YAY for BORORITY.

Basketball: In term 3 we had a all girls Basketball team I was picked to be in the team and when we got there we had to practice our piviting and our passing. There was the hardest team that we played but I can not remeber there school name all I could remeber is that they were sponsered by Michael jordan and the only Sport they play in there school is basketball but we were overall proud of ourselves and had a go.

Soccer:Back in term 1 I was chosen to be in the girls soccer team. I was really proud of myself that I made it in the team but at the same time I didnt know how to play and it was basicially my first time playing. During the games we lost some and won some the challenging game we had was Baradene. Atleast we tried our best and had fun.

Softball: In term 1 I was also chosen to be in the softball girls team. I can't really remeber who we played but it was pretty challenging and hard because other schools had really good pitchers and also had good catching skills. It was good playing hard ones because we can learn from them and also catch the skills of what they have been learning about.

Cross Country: Week 8 term 3 Pt england school had a Cross Country run. I was pretty nervous at times and also happy and excited. It was the yr 8's girl who had to run Mr burt snapped the snapper and there we go off sprinting. The hard thing is that we had to do 2 laps and I think it was 3 kilometers. I tried hard and came 7th place I need to work on my fitness and also keep up with my running.

Volley Ball:A few weeks ago I was chosen to be in the girls Volley ball team. I was pretty excited and less nervous when we got there, we had a few runs and practices with the boys who also had a tournament. A few minutes later when we were up for our very first game I was pretty nervracking and I could feel sweat in my hands. Overall we came 1st in the tournament and also the boys which was pretty cool. I was really proud of myself and my team who tried there best and hardest, great job teams and coaches.

Barista: A few months later I have applies to be a Barista. What is a barista? a barista is something when you have to be a coffee or hot chocolate maker. It was really cool making them cause we could make them for the visitors, our students and also our office and teachers. I am so thankful that Miss Flaval chose me to be a Barista.

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