Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Macaroni Salad

On our 3rd week of school we made delicious and tasty Multi Coloured Muffins, my partner was Ashley and we made red cupcakes. We added all of our ingredients and cooked the cupcakes. As we saw our cupcakes rise in the oven we were excited to taste our recipe. As we put the cupcake in our mouths it was very tasty and moist. What I liked about the cupcakes was that it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside here is the picture for you to enjoy.

On the next week we made Peach Cobbler, it was not my favorite but it tasted good. What I liked about it was the peaches decoration at the top of the cobbler. What I also liked about it was the whipped cream that it was surrounded around the Peach cobbler and that what made it tasty and moist.  
Yesterday, Tuesday on the 6th of March, me and my class had the opportunity to cook Macaroni Salad,, at first I thought that it wouldn't taste good, but as I was cooking the Macaroni and mixing in all the ingredients, I could smell the nice onions mixed with the chunk of meat. The macaroni salad was really tasty, and delicious, my favourite part of all was the chunk of meat. 

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