Monday, 5 February 2018

Social Studies Goals for 2018

                                                        SOCIAL STUDIES GOAL
Social Studies Goals This year in Social studies one of my main goals for this year is to always strive for improvements. This means that I have to do well in all subjects. I have to sit next to the people who will help me concentrate on my work, What I also need to do to strive for improvements is that once I finish my work I should always go back and check if I have any mistakes and fix it then I get to post it onto my blog and show everyone what i have been learning about in class.

- Always stay on task
- To not distract others from there learning
- Always come early to class and to not miss a lesson
- Sit next to the right people who can help me and not distract me
- Stay focused
- Listen to what the teacher has given us to do

- Adding more details and information for the teacher to understand where the story is coming from
- Always listen to the teacher so that I can finish my work quickly
- Be engaged in my work

- To get a better grade
- Get a grade that will be higher that achieve or maybe merit.

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