Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly 2016

Yesterday was a New day, Yesterday was the start of Term 2. In morning all students from Pt England School arrived at school. The Topic for this term was called As I see It. Pt England school walked there way to the school hall and was seated down. On the corner of my eye I could see teachers in all different kinds of costume, like team 4 teachers they are wearing Super Hero Costumes and Team 5 there are wearing our house colors Hokule'a, Hikianalia, Hinemoana, Te Aurere. Pt England school had there school Immersion Assembly. Mrs Nua said that it was time for Team 1 teachers to show us what they,v done. At first there was this short film that Mrs George showed us it was a film about there favorite things like Mrs Wild's favorite things is her chiwawa and her cute cat. So that what the year 1 is going to learn about through out this whole Term.

Now it was time for Team 2. What has the teachers been up to?, The teachers has presented there film and this time it was about the season, Autumn, Spring, Summer and of course Winter. So this term years 2 and 3 will be learning about the Season. It was time for Team 3, Team 3 has showed us what they built and what they built was a tent they described what it looked like and they also put things into place like the bathroom and the kitchen, so that what Team 3 is going to learn about. So now it was time for the amazing Team 4. Team 4 will be learning about Comic Art. There video was about superheroes saving each other from this super thief called Baxendine. So Team 4 will be learning about Comic Art.

"And Here comes the Amazing team 5"  as we were sitting down our teachers walked there selves down to the stage and was wearing the colors of our houses, Green, Blue, Yellow and red. They were talking about what the color means like Green, means something like she will be guided by the Ancestors, and the color Blue means about the great blue Ocean. Yellow means the great bright Stars and last but not least Red, Red means the tears of blood. So that's what the yrs 7 and 8 will be talking about. So later on that time the Immersion assembly has finished. 

I enjoyed watching all of the Teams present there show. They really worked as a team. So I really Enjoyed watching them and I also want to thank Mrs Sandler and Mrs Garden for helping us we couldn't of done this without you.

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