Monday, 16 May 2016

Revolution Tour

Revolution Tour has arrived to PES (Pt England School.)  The Yrs 7 & 8's went over to the school hall and saw these bunch of people and they looked like they were going to sing and also going to teach us something really cool. We went inside the hall and we saw people from the Revolution Tour give out notes, and these notes had really cool things on them we can buy tickets to go and see there tickets on Friday Night.

There was this one MAN named Reggie he is a man that probably likes to tell jokes, the man that LOVES music and the man who loves to play on a Trumpet. Reggie told us this Chant, and this chant means to believe in ourselves, succeed and achieve our goals and our destiny. Reggie said here is the Chant '' I CAN / YOU CAN / WE CAN / I Got Your Back. 

Reggie was a talented guy he even played songs with these two amazing twin sisters that could sing. If I got the video of them singing and playing I would show you guys and trust me your mind will be exploded. So Reggie performed us his talented songs and he told us this really sad story. It was about his mum, Reggie had a Brother and 2 Sisters his mum took his brother and also his 2 sisters, but not him (Reggie) and yes he was  a foster kid. As soon as he told us that story and that made me think of my Mum, I was going to cry but luckily I had my best friends beside me telling me its alright. But overall this song made me cry and that song was called '' 1 call away.''

So yeah that's what we did for the day and what I,v liked through out the whole Tour was there Passion, there Singing and there Reggie's Talented Trumpet.

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