Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Kindness Talk (Attitude)

Image result for good attitude quotesOn Wednesday We had this really Cool Inspirational Guy who came to talk to the Yrs 7 & 8's about Attitude, and this cool guy that I am telling you about is called Nate. He probably works for this Attitude Work to talk to children's from all schools and to give inspirational talks to them. He talks to us about who we were and also what we are in life.

He Tell's us lots of different funny things and also things that he didn't really wanted to do but wanted to earn something really cool. So he told us a story about this cool Jacket, and this cool Jacket had really got into Nate he was in high school and he saw these cool kids Wear these Jacket. Nate wanted one of those so he signed up for a jacket and unfortunately you have to play for the school Hockey Team and Nate did not know any of these he just signed himself up for the Jacket.

Later on he went to the game and was suppose to wear these uniform and he had a Hockey stick with him. He didn't know what to do at first. The game has started and Nate didn't know what to do so he grabbed his stick and just went for it. Nate told us that Hockey wasn't his thing and he also told us that he just signed up just for a Stupid Jacket.

This other thing that Nate has also told us was these 4 characters and those 4 characters was the Golden Retriever the Peace Calm one, The Otter which is the Fun Crazy one, The Lion which is a Mean bossy one that wanted things his or her way and last but not least was the Beaver, beaver is the one that does things right and is also the one that does homework so most likely the Nerd.

Nate has told us which one are we and what I have thought to myself and friends was that I have to be a Otter the Fun and Crazy one and my Friends also thinks that I am the Lion which is kind of true. So yeah those are the things that Nate has told us about and I really enjoyed it.

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