Sunday, 2 October 2016

Riverside Camp.

On the first week in the holidays me my sister and my brother went to riverside camp. I was really looking forward to go camp because I could see my friends and hang with them and we could also play fun activity's there. The camp was at Eastern Bay at Willow Park. 

When we went to Willow Park I had a lot of Fun and it was really cool cause we played in the foam and heaps of activity's not just boring ones but messy ones. We played Duck Duck Egg with Whip Cream and we also played Sponge game while its soaking wet. I had really fun going to camp and my team was called Sorority and it means sisters. 

One of my best highlights at camp was getting to know the leaders, Playing in the Foam, singing to God/Jesus and also playing Spotlight at night. 

Willow park was really fun and it was also my last year going to willow park. But that doesn't mean I am leaving well it means I have to be a leader next gear if I go camp. I have really enjoyed going to camp and its been my 4th year so i am looking forward on being a leader and showing the yrs 4 - 8  whats it like to be a leader and to tell information in what i experienced in the past.

On the last day when we got to school was pretty tiring  for nearly all of us because we were exhausted. I fell asleep in the bus but at the same time didn't wanna go back home because I know for a fact that there in nothing to do but Dishes, Cleaning, Watching Tv or playing on my phone. 

Well Overall I really enjoyed camping at Willow Park and I cannot wait to go next gear and also being a leader. Thanks to Haere, Mr burt, Mrs Burt, Mrs Hamilton, Mr Moran and also staff helpers for helping us and supporting us through this camp.

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