Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Make Kindness Go Viral

During the holidays I have done heaps of things such as Camp, Mostly helping, cleaning, going shopping and more. Also during the holidays I helped my nana with the groceries shopping, I helped my dad with looking after my sibling and also helping out cleaning the bed rooms. What can you make kindness go viral? Well you can do heaps of things to make kindness go viral like helping people out and also using your manners where ever you go. 

This week I have been helping my nana I think I have put a smile on her face because lately she calls me her babysitter which is quite funny to me. In the holidays I prefer watching T.V and playing on my phone but sometimes you just gotta stand up and help around with your parents don't ask them if they need help, because obviously they will tell you to sit back down and do your own thing maybe just get us and help them without telling them if they need help. 

Right now I am over at my nana's soon I will help her make dinner and I know in her head she will think I am really helpful. In the past when my Aunt was taking us to the movies, I would always have a talk with mum and she would always tell me to use my manners and to always help out, because when you do people will think that your parents has taught you good manners.

Also if you have nothing to do at home just look up DIY'S on you tube and it has really fun things that you could draw or create. I hope you enjoy my writing about making kindness go viral maybe you can try it. Please leave a comment :) Thank you 

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