Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Pacific Netball

On Saturday I had to wake up at 6.00 in the morning because I had a Netball tournament its not just a tournament its also a pacific cup. The countries that were paying was Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Maori, Cook island and Fiji. 

Our first game was at 9.30 and Samoa was playing against Tonga I was in the Samoan team by the way. I was really nervous at first but when we had a team talk about what really should happen actually calmed me down. I was playing WA which feeds the ball in the circle.

Overall we won our 1st game to 8-13 and our team was called Upolu Samoa. It was rally hard for me playing this year for Samoa because my mum wasn't there to watch me. But I know that she was supporting me from above and I also know that she is always in my heart and she is also very proud of me.

During the day my team won all the games some was hard and some was OK but I really enjoyed it. At the end of the day we had to stay for prize giving most of the awards went to Tonga, Cook Island and Samoa but the other teams tried there best.

"Under 13 Upolu 1st place" said the announcer we were so Happy that we came first for Samoa everyone was cheering for us and we were proud. We had to stand up and get our medals for me it felt very proud of myself because I tried my best to come first and we did YAY!. 

My dad was proud of me and I was so happy and I was even happy because Samoa took it out again this year and last year. Just like to say thanks to the couch and also the manager. 


  1. Awesome post Rowana! Congratulations on your win for your team. Well done for representing your country/culture. I'm sure that your Mum was watching over you as you played. Well done you!

  2. Hi Rowana,
    My name is Henrietta and I am go to Saint Pius X Catholic School in Glen Inness Auckland. I really enjoy reading your writing that is interesting to read and has some specific words in it. I really enjoy how you explained your settings correctly so that people could know.

    Keep up the great work Rowana!!!