Thursday, 9 March 2017


Physical:My favorite hobbies are playing sports, eating and sleeping. I think that playing sports is good for your health because you can get fit and its good for your health. Eating is also good for your health 
 because you can balance your weight and also the amount of food you eat, and sleeping is good for you because you have to rest and save up all your energy for the next day.

Mental/Emotional:I get mad very easily, because sometimes people judge me of my hair and other things that I do. I get really aggressive when people talks about me and my family and especially friends who talks behind my back but overall, I get happy when I spend time with my families and friends and I also get really happy when someone's being kind to me.

Social:In my spare time I really like to spend time with my families and friends. I like going to the movies and walking around the neighborhood with my friends and like to go out to dinner with my families. I also like to spend time with my Family and friends because we always check up on each other and we always have a big fest when we celebrate birthdays, Christmas, New years and many more.

Spiritual:My families and friends are very important to me. I am very lucky to have a family that care for me and also supports me when I have a sport tournament because they give us there busy lives to come and watch my game. My friends are caring, lovely and supportive, we can have ups and downs but that doesn't stop us as being friends. Its good to have these kind of people in your life because if your feeling sad or down you will have someone to talk to.

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  1. Hey Rowana, thanks for sharing some cool stuff about you! I like how you were honest, talking about things that annoy you, hopefully you aren't judged ever in Health! I LOVE how you have included pictures, this shows me a little more about you and makes your post even more interesting :) Some feedback - maybe explain what Hāuora actually is? Because when people read your blog, they might not know about the dimensions and what they mean. Looking forward to reading more posts! Miss D.. P.S. you have forgotten one dimension!