Thursday, 9 March 2017

My Identity

My Identity
At Social study my class was asked to draw their identities about ourselves. Once we finished our drawing we were asked to write paragraphs about each part that we drew and what it means to us. Here is my Identity about myself I hope you enjoy please leave a comment.

Tongan/Samoan Flag
I am proud to be Tongan and Samoan, I don’t really know anything from the past like legends and myths but I am really interested to learn about what happened in the past. I’ve only been to Tonga but never been to Samoa. One day I want to go and visit Samoa and go to Papase'ea. So I am really proud to be Tongan and Samoan.

Cooking & Baking
My favorite hobbies are Cooking and baking. The first time I’ve ever cooked something was when I was 8 years old. I know how to make Scrambled eggs, Pancakes, Brownies and many more. I got my skills from my Mum, my mum can cook ANYTHING she inspired me to bake and cook, So I decided to follow her footsteps.

Church is everything to me, Every Sunday's I go church with my family. I would always ask my mum why church is important and she would always say that The Bible tells us that we need to attend church so we can worship God with our believers. My favorite verse from the bible is I Will Fought The Good Fight I have Finished the race I have Kept the Faith 2 Timothy 7:4, So it means I never give up and will succeed in life.

Netball (Sports)
I love Netball, Netball is everything to me. I’ve been playing netball for about 5 years now, Netball changed my life. This included me working on my fitness and on my weight. We trained trained and trained and this had recently helped me balanced my weight. I am really looking forward into playing netball in College and this will make a huge different to what I’ve experienced back in Primary/Intermediate

In summer my favorite place to go is the Beach. I like going to the beach because I’ve been going ever since I was young, and also like going swimming. There are heaps of reasons why I likes going to the beach 1.because you can go swimming 2.Go parasailing and

I love my family, family is everything to me. I would die for my family, My family does everything to me. They have supported me through my sports game and they would always take up their time of work and come and watch my Netball games. I am very lucky to have a Beautiful Family, I love my family.

So these are my 6 parts of my Identity, this is about Who I am and What I like to do. I hope you enjoy and leave a comment

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