Monday, 20 March 2017

Social Studies Social Actions

Sausage sizzle
Design & create website
Organise lunchtime concert
Write an article for college newspaper
Ring talkback radio
Sell boxes of chocolates
Show a video in assembly
Organise a forum for discussion
Organise a surf competition
Organise a demonstration or rally
Do some busking
Design a poster
Organize a stall at an event
Make a short documentary
Start a letter writing campaign to local government
Sell silicon wristbands
Create a power point to show in your class
Paint a mural
Radio advertisement on local station
Organise a petition to send to government
Sell badges
Write and perform a song or poem
Mystery auction in school or local church
Invite a guest speaker to local community
Write letters to businesses to ask for donations
Hold a swim-a-thon or a paddle-a-thon
Get media coverage of school fund-raiser event

Here is my work that me and my group has been working on. We had to put these notes or subjects in the right categories 

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