Friday, 10 June 2016

40 Hour Famine

Today I am participating in the 40 Hour Famine. This is my first time this year participating. I have really enjoyed this experience and had also had fun but the reason why we are doing this is to fund raise these kids and families from Syrian as there house has been bombed so they had to move into a different place. Because I am 12 years old I can only do 20 hours and I am too young to do the 40 hours.In this 20 hour famine you can not bring food, fizz or any sweats but you have a bottle of water or Just juice, Packets of Barley Sugar, Pillow and Blankets, We had to fund raise and sponsor some money because our money will go towards the children's and families in Syrian. 

This year I am in the Green team and please enjoy the Photo's --------->