Thursday, 10 May 2018

Will Smiths Well - being

Describe what is happening in the video with links to Will Smith’s well-being. You may embed the video clip or a picture to aid your writing.

Physical: The part where Uncle Phil gave Season tickets to the clippers to Will belongs to Physical education because they were using there ability to move around. As Uncle Phil gave the tickets Will was feeling really excited and that's what made him all cheerful and excited.

Social: The Scene where Will confessed to uncle Phil that he didn't deserve the tickets relates to Social because he needed to tell the truth on what really happened he wanted to be truthful. This relates to social because he was keeping a big secret away from Carlton's parents (Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv.)

Mental/Emotional: As Will was explaining on what really happened he was really emotional. He showed his feelings to his Uncle, Aunt and his cousins because of how bad he felt for Carlton. This relates to Mental Emotional because Will is sharing his emotions by apologizing to his Aunt, Uncle and Cousins

Spiritual: The part where Will said that the pills were from his locker stays in Spiritual because it shows how he was standing up for himself and how it was his sense of belonging. This also relates to Spiritual because Will was being emotional on how and why he had the pills

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