Thursday, 5 December 2013


Hello here is a story about being an Ambassador i hope you enjoy and please leave me a comment. I am Applying to become an Ambassador because of learning , create and share. I think that being an Ambassador would help me listen and being respond to people and when we have to speak in front of the audience we had to speak clearly to people and loudly because if we don’t speak loudly then they won’t be able to hear us talking.

 I think i have skills to be an Ambassador because of listening. I really want to be one.They choose Ambassadors that they can come to school early and to listen,to be confident ,speak loudly and to speak clearly.I Love being an Ambassador because i love talking about school like my favourite subject and my favourite sport.I am proud of myself of supporting the school for being an Ambassador.

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  1. Great reflecting Rowana. I wish you all the best in your audition!