Wednesday, 12 March 2014


WOW what a Awesome day on the year 5 and 6 camp.Today our Team the year 5 and 6 camp.In our camp we had about 5 groups it was the Carings,Carbears,All Stars,Maanaki and Care sqwards.There were lots of diffrent kind of Activitys.The carebears witch was us went to the Pt England Reserve to go Kayaking.There were lots of diffrent kind of Kayaks to ride on their was Single and Double.I went on the double because i don't know how to ride by myself.So I went to the double with Ariettah she was at the front and i was at the back before we sit on the kayak's we had to go like Foot Bum Foot witch is so funny.On the Kayak's we could go far as log we don't go further.Before we went Mr Burt told us a few information to make us stay safe like if you dround in the water with no life Jacket.

So finally it was time to go in the water and start going in.We all get a turn on the kayak's because their wasn't enough of us so we had to take turn.So we got a turn the water was far because it went out.So after when we were kayaking Mr Burt dicided if we could for a 10 minutes swim because it was a bit worm so we did and we had to get out because it was time for morning tea then we all walked and went back to school.Then we went to school and got change and had our morning tea. Thank you for reading and please leave me a comment.ENJOY


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    1. Wow that is a long story and it look's fun at kayaking.Did you get to go out far to sea.Keep up the giant great work you are doing awsome.from Danielle

  2. Hey keep going in your work and you will always have the kayaking of a life time.Danielle