Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Why do we use Knife and Fork.

In Class We had to write about Why do we use Knife and Fork to eat.Here are some Paragraphs that tells you why do we use Knife and Fork.Enjoy and please leave me a comment.

Do you use a fork and knife to eat a Cake?

 When we eat something like cake we have to use folk because if you use your hand it will have germs in your mouth and we don’t want people to feel uncomfortable.If you eat Meat with your hand it will get oily and sticky at the end cause a meat is slimy and hard to eat.When you have food which is hard to half you just need to cut it into your bite size pieces.

 When you use Knife and Fork to eat,you need to keep your hands clean. If you eat it with your hands you will get germs and it will spread everywhere and if you use a keyboard and it has your sticky germs in it an other person will come and catch the germs.I use a Knife and Fork to eat food because i don’t want any germs on me.

 Manners. It is really important to use your manners when you are at your family's or your friends house eating dinner.If you don’t use your manners then you will be dirty and your friends will feel embarrassed because of you and if you are eating like a pig then you will mess up the table and you have to clean up all the mess you did.

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