Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Technology with Mr Burt

In the Afternoon, after Lunch eating we had a special visitor from our own Principle Mr Burt. He came and talked to us about his grandfather who took part of world war 1. He was talking about how the New Zealanders fought for our country and invented things that had been invented before.

 Mr Burt was talking about Technology, is it good or bad? He talked about the word Militarism. He said that Militarism was about back in the olden days they started fights for no reason like arguing and hitting each other.There was war between the British and the Germans. They were fighting how New Zealand made a battleship by the name of Dreadnought. 

Mr Burt even told us that his grandfather was the first person who got a bicycle a olden day bicycle, the bicycle had no brakes so this means if you go down the hill it won't stop so this means you have to stop it yourself from your own foot. He also said Lady's and Girl's isn't allow to go on the bicycle because they are wearing dresses and you don't want them to pull it up and let people see your undies.

This battleship dreadnought was all over the newspaper. The Germans built their own battleship bigger then the new Zealanders one. Then New Zealand built a bigger one and they were still arguing about their battleship if it is going to crash or not.

When Mr Burt finished his Story about his grandfather and what they did in war we all. All yrs 7 and 8 thought that Mr Burt was proud of his grandfather being in world war one because he and the rest risked out country's lives. 

I think it is really cool how Mr Burt came and talked to us about his grandfather. Isn't it cool people like our principle is talking about a real person who actually went to war WOW!!!

I hope you enjoy what Mr Burt talked to us about and please leave me a comment.


  1. Well done Rowana. It looks like you listened really well to Mr Burts korero. Keep up the good work

  2. Thank you Miss Peato for this comment :)