Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Future Aspiration Day.

On Wednesday 20th of may, special visitors came to our school to visit the yrs 7's and 8's. They were talking about how people didn't know them and now they know them really well, and come on television. The special visitors were Andrew Patterson, Louis Gorden Latty and Marcus Winter.

Andrew Patterson
Mr Patterson was talking about how you struggle, struggling is good for your mind because the struggle will learn from the mistakes from the past so "keep struggling" said Mr Patterson. Mr Patterson is well known as the people Collector. People collects toys or action figures but he collects people.

Louis Gorden Latty:
Louis LOVES to play Basketball. Louis made a app, it records the basketball game on the sideline and it makes you look like a cartoon character. Do you know how you have a score timer it is on the same iPad that records the game. The app is called Glory League and check it out.

Marcus Winter:
Marcus Winter is a famous artist not just with paint or pencil I mean he is a artist with sand. Most people call him sandman because obviously he a artist with sand. Marcus was talkiing to us about when he was a little boy in Primary School his teacher said that his writing is slow and I mean that if she call's the students in the ground Marcus is the only one left on the table writing slow. When Marcus was at the end of intermediate he got the certificate in academics and top marks in his school because he kept practicing and practicing. Here is one of Marcus's Video doing Sand Art. 

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