Thursday, 18 February 2016

Narrative Writing 2

Here my 2nd Narrative writing that I have been working on in Literacy class. This is about a brother and a sister who hates the dark, mirrors and hates staying home by themselves I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment thank you.

Who-Jasmine and Twist

What-Jasmine and Twist are Brothers and sisters they are scared of the Dark the ghost and they are also scared staying home by themselves.

When- On a Dark night

Where- At home Thursday Night

Character Description.
Jasmine has nice long hair, she loves reading, her favorite book is Diary of the wimpy kid and she hates scary things such as darkness, ghost and mirrors.

Twist loves dancing he loves playing sports, his favorite thing to do mostly at home is to do art and to listen to music on his phone. What twist hates is basically the same thing Jasmine hates ghost, mirrors, darkness and staying home alone.

As Jasmine looked behind her something began to move…
she saw the shadow glide past her, she was standing in the living room to check if anyone was there but it was no one. Jasmine felt little tiny wind touching her skin she was totally freaked out it was like someone’s head is right behind her neck. So Jasmine straightaway ran to her brother Twist and said someone is in the living room.

They both ran into the room and something has changed the couch was facing the window it was like someone or something is out the window watching us. They saw someone heading to the room Jasmine and Twist saw hair track “Wow this is freaky” said twist they both followed the hair track and it was leading them to the closet.

“let's take a deep breath” said twist they both opened the closet door and screamed “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” jasmine screamed so so loud that the next door neighbor had to shut their windows. “Oh it’s just mum messing around with us” said twist. “Few” said Jasmine they both thought it was a real ghost girl, So while Jasmine and twist was watching t.v we couldn't stop hearing mum laughing so wait was it really mum? said Jasmine.

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