Thursday, 17 March 2016

Good Bye Mrs Ilaoa

I just wanna say a big, big massive good bye to this beautiful, Loving, caring and very kind  teacher Mrs Ilaoa who is leaving to have a beautiful baby girl. Mrs Ilaoa I just wanna say Good bye and god bless you and your loving husband.

We, room 5 will miss you when you leave hope you will come and visit with your baby and we will email you to keep in touch.

Thank you for all your help and hope you will have a nice journey with your family. XXX


  1. Hi Rowana,

    I know you will have a hard time and will miss your teacher. But I know Mrs Ilaoa will still miss her creative class. I like the way you describe what she is like.

    Taunese ;)

  2. I miss her already.It's not the same without Mrs Ilaoa