Friday, 8 April 2016

Fia Fia

Last Night was one of the BEST night's I have ever had in my life because Pt England School had there own Fia Fia performances. Fia Fia is about representing our culture's, Showing our Whanau what we have been learning for the past few weeks and also enjoying our time dancing with our friends and family. Me and my Siblings had fun performing on stage.  Before we got on stage Jordan one of our MC's introduced our group. I felt nervous because my whole family was here to watch but 1 special family member wasn't able to watch me in person and that special person was my MUM, It was sad for me but I know that she was watching me and my siblings from above and I know she would be proud of us as always.

It was time we all went up on stage and all I could hear was "GO Rowana, Go Raewen." I had tears falling out, i didn't want to wipe it. We were all lined up and still the Crowd went Wild. "Woo Hoo" there it goes the song has started and we start swaying left to right. I was so proud of myself I start dancing and as soon as we turn around to the crowd I could see my Aunt, Dad and Nan walking up to the Donation Box and handing there money over. I saw my dad walking up to the box and I saw tears coming down his face, I was sad I just wanted to get off stage and start hugging him. The Dance has finished we bow to the crowd and again they were cheering for us. 

We got off stage and went to go and sit down. We stayed and watched the rest of the dance groups. This Fia Fia 2016 was the best, it was the last Fia Fia because next year I am off to college. I enjoyed performing on stage and I also enjoy watching my Friends and family on stage. My Favorite dance group has to be the Tongan Boys and the Junior Hip Hop team yr 1 to 4 because they danced as a Team and they danced with Faith.


  1. Hey Rowana,

    WOW, seems like you had a lot of fun at Fia fia. I like the way you talked about your emotions and yes I was there with you and you were awesome. I am sorry to hear about your mother but I know she is always with you. I look forward to seeing more post from you. Keep up the good work!


  2. Rowana,

    what a pleasure to see you today at school, thank you so much for coming to say hello to me. I find it hard to believe it was three years ago I taught you! Anyway, I just wanted to say seeing you face today made me smile.
    Hope to see you when I pop into school again or if you are ever at the museum.

    Miss Burne