Friday, 20 May 2016

Paper Mache

Today Room 5 Has been working how to make Paper Mache. How do you make it?  Well me and my Class has been making these cool things with Miss Berry. Miss Berry told us the steps and as we went through them it go easier and easier. So Here are the steps if you want to make one of these cool Paper Mache.

What you Need:
Wool Strings
PVA Glue
Any Treats

Step 1: Get your Lolly or Treat and stuff them inside your Balloon
Step 2: Blow your Balloon, but make sure its a size of your to fist together
Step 3: Then you get your Wool string and stick it inside the PVA Glue and just wrap it around your balloon.
Step 4: Once you have done that you need to hang your balloon and to leave it to dry
Step 5: When it is dry the String will be hard and now you have to pop the balloon and it will become a Paper Mache

So yeah here it what we made so far but we didn't get to pop our balloon because we have to leave it and dry it. Here is a Picture of our Paper Mache. Please enjoy and Comment

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