Thursday, 9 March 2017

Caring for our Planet

Caring for our Planet
I think it’s important to take care of our planet because, we need things from the Outside world. Farmers will need fruits and trees, us human beings will need food also animals will also need grass so we need to care of our planet and never litter. It is basically everything that makes our surroundings, affects our ability to live on earth,you must take care the environment for several reasons. This maybe be boring for the some of you but that’s because you don’t really know about what’s happening in the real world.

If you don’t want to keep our environment clean then that means many people can die because it’s not good for their health. Would you be able to live in a such a place? No because we will not live in a place that will be full of dirt, rubbish or even odor all around. In fact we all need to keep our houses clean, our clothes and even our food/fruits we eat. Why do we do that? We do this to live, to stay healthy and stay fit.

If we cannot keep our house, planet or city clean, then how can we stay in it if it’s not tidy. We all have our own duties to keep things clean, not only for us but also people who visits and also for the future generations. If you didn’t know that if we litter anything that goes into our sea it can kill our sea creatures also our birds they can get poisoned by the rubbish we litter and also our creek and seawater can be polluted if we keep littering.

How can a plastic bottle decompound? Well a plastic bottle can actually travel to one place to another, A bottle can actually degrade at at least 450 years time. It can also take up to 1000 years time but this is only if its a small plastic bottle, also if you didn’t know that a plastic bag can last in the sea for over 1000 years.

If I had to change any rules of our planet, I would say to people to never litter, Take care of our environment, Recycle rubbish into the right recycling bin, Keep our house clean and also take care of our sea creatures. To me the planet/environment is important because it actually helps us live. Whatever we do wrong can cause many people to die and can be diagnosed with a disease which I think that you guys wouldn’t want to have.

Its also important to keep our environment clean because it’s also good for our health. If you want to have a good health well then you have to keep your planet, Clean and healthy. Keeping our environment clean is our responsibility, It is necessary to keep our environment clean because we get fresh air.

Once you share this to everyone things that’s gonna happen to will happen to everyone. Lets save our planet and help everyone keep our Environment and planet clean and Healthy, All for one and one for all

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