Friday, 17 March 2017

Social Studies 17.02.17

Here is our social Studies work that me and my group has been working on. Thank you hope you enjoy
  • Today our group…
We learnt about the definition of Social Action. Which means “Taking steps to “change” things that are wrong in our society, and introducing new ideas, process for doing things better in the future.
  • each member of the group worked on
Each of our team members were working on categories which was putting them in order. Matching the categories with the 4 subjects
  • Fundraising only actions
  • Raising awareness only actions
  • Actions that pressure or lobby the government
  • Actions that fund raise and raise awareness  
  • … a part we found interesting was…
The part that we found interesting was when we had to match the categories with the 4 social action subjects.
  • a part we need help or assistance with is
The part we needed assistance with was to try and understand what the definitions trying to say.
  • ..we have a question about...tom
Why the government is not working hard enough to keep the culture alive?

Why are Maori people afraid to speak their culture publicly?

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