Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Book Review.

This week my teacher Mrs Jacobson gave us new books from the Library to read for SSR. The Book I picked is called Big Nate, What could possibly go wrong? It is like a comic book.  It is a really interesting book to me.
 It is about a boy called Nate who was always naughty at school. He never listens to his teachers and is always chewing bubble gum.
The part in the story that I don't like  is when he was eating a peppermint because when he was eating the mint his teacher Mrs Godfrey tells him to put it in the rubbish but he swallows it instead and starts choking. Mrs Godfrey helps Nate by wrapping her arms around his stomach and pushing hard. Then BAM the mint comes flying out.
My favorite part of the story so far is when Nate's dad tells him to go and buy a thank you card for Mrs Godfrey for saving his life while he was choking .

The part of the story that I am up to now is when Nate went to the forest with his dad to cook marshmallows on a fire. What could possibly go wrong?
Here is a picture of the book Big Nate.

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