Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Holiday.

Hello here is a writing I did in the Holiday.Please leave me a comment.ENJOY

 Hey have you ever been to the GI Pools before?

 WOW what a great day going to the GI Pools.Me my Sisters,Brothers,Cousin’s and my dad went.As we jump in the car with an excitement we drove off and went to the Pools.

 When we got there we went inside and got changed into our togs and waited and waited for my Cousin and my Brother to get dressed into their togs.While we waited I was freezing cold because we had to rinse our self to get all the lotion and oil off our body.Guess what I went to the cold pools I jumped in it with happiness and as soon I got in it I was so so Freezing cold.

 As I got to the cold pools I was a little little bit cold because i stayed in it for a few minutes then i got warm and started swimming all around the pools.Okay it was a bit chilly when i got out because I was gonna go to the warm and hot pool as soon I hopped in I was warm and my body was warm its like a Volcano erupted and Lava came tumbling down the pool.

 So my dad yelled out “Okay kids we have 10 Minutes until we go home” and all of us was so sad because we didn't wanna go because all of us was having FUN.Then it was going on to 3.00 then my dad yelled again “KIDS ITS TIME TO GO HOME” and we ran and got changed and while we were waiting for all of my cousins,brothers and sisters getting changed we went back to the car and had ice cream.My Cousins,Sisters and Brothers were talking about their Highlight I said my highlight for today was when I was freezing cold.When we went to buy some ice cream my brother said “What a great day we had” and all of us said “OF COURSE”.Then when we got home we were all tiered and we fell asleep in the car and my dad had to wake us up.

 At the GI pools I was so happy when we got their.I really enjoyed my day there and i hope for next time when I will swim I will stay in the warm pools because it was a little bit funny when i was freezing cold.

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