Thursday, 29 May 2014

Badminton Recount.

Hello here is a paragraph I did in class.It is about Badminton.It was my First time playing Badminton so I tried it out.So here it is and a picture I drew.

 Have you ever played Badminton?

 Every Tuesday My Maths class 6 always goes to Badminton.Our Couch was Danny and Robby.When we went to Badminton we had a warm up Game.It was Stuck in the Mud after that we got in a line and grab our shuttle and our Racket.First we started off with serving the shuttle with your partner.

 My partner was Kaitlynne.Robby told us if we could throw the shuttle and move your Racket by hitting it up.He also said “How many hits you could do with your shuttle”.Guess how many hits I got?19.

 Next we had Danny.He taught us how to hold a Badminton racket.You have to hold it like a fried pan,your thumb has to be pointing straight and start serving it.After that we had to be in a group I was in group 4 and we won because none of team 5 got a hit because they always miss it.After that we were finished for the day because it was time to go home.


  1. Excellent recount writing Rowana. Great job using paragraphs to separate your ideas. Remember to end your recount with a sentence about how you found it.