Friday, 4 July 2014

My Super-Hero Creative Writing.

Hello Here is My story I wrote it is about the Space ship and there were 3 super heroes it was Music girl,Super Ella and Captain Bree who has Invisibility Powers.Well I hope you enjoy this story and please leave me a comment.

My name is Tori Vega and I am 18 years old I live in a city with my family.When I was little my mum discovered that I didn’t like Garlic because it burns my eyes and it  is my weakness. I work at a Cafeteria shop where people can Relax and have coffee there.I have Super powers it is Invisibility,Fly and reading peoples mind. I Save people whenever they are in trouble.

While I was Flying I saw something in the air at night it looked like a massive Grey Cloud but I went closer and closer it was a big and Gigantic Spaceship It was shooting at me so I moved side to side and I needed help because I had no powers that I could shoot so here comes Music girl with lots of Ipods and headphones she got all of her Music gears and started playing music.

The Spaceship was too strong I turned into my Invisible powers and tried to look for the  Explosion button so it could break down.Guess who was on the Spaceship? There was Three Aliens from Toystory.So I saw Super Ella she came and help Music girl and me.I got to the Machine and tried to turn it off  but it was too strong because one of the aliens sola taped the Explosion Button so that no one will Exploed it.So the whole Earth got LOUDER AND LOUDER from Music girls Powers it was so LOUD that you couldn’t hear anything so me and Super Ella Worked and tried to take of the sticky tape and it slowly took off.

We finally took it off we shut down everything before we clicked the button and we started to back away from it we counted down from 5 4 3 2 1 BOOM!!!! as the spaceship went.It went Down and Down and down untill it hit the ground. “FEWWWWW” said Super girl and Music girl good team working I said I was so Impressed that it was gone. That thing was so hard even the Explosion Button.

The city wanted to say thank you for saving our lives from the Big Spaceship.I felt happy that they said that.It was actually my first time saving the world.Me Music girl and Super Ella was so proud at ourselfs of saving the world.

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