Thursday, 14 August 2014

My Free writing

Hello here is a story about this girl named Bella grace she is a nerd and these mean kids has been bulling her since she was in intermediate.The bullies could Bella 4 eyes because she was wearing glasses.I hope you enjoy and please leave me a comment.

 Once upon a time there was this teenage girl named Bella Grace.She was bullied since she was in intermediate but now she is in high school.People bullies her because she is a nerd and plus they call her 4 eyes , 4 eyes is when people wears glasses and your normal eyes is 2 and you + the glasses and it is 4 eyes.Bella’s mum died in a car crash and her dad died in a Army.While Bella got dressed for school her brother Daniel said “Come on Bella you are going to be late” so Bella rushed outside and went to go and catch the school bus.While Bella just got in she spotted the kids who always bullied her.She went all the way at the back of the bus and started hiding under the seats she was so scared that they might caught her under the seats.Beep Beep as the driver beeped the beeper.

 As Bella was hiding she quickly ran outside and went inside her class room and saw her teacher named Mrs Bacon.Bella was hiding behind Mrs Bacon and the kids were looking for her Bella ran to the toilets and hide in 1 of the door.The bullies found her and was about to hurt her but Bella thought to herself and said “Hmm what should I do and she said to herself oh that's right I have my super powers and so she flew up and away from the bullies. TO BE CONTINUED.........

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