Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Free blog writing.

Hello Here is the story that I did on the first part. if you wanna read part 1 then scroll down and you will see it and read that.As you can see that if you scroll down on my blog you will see Free blog writing 1 and it says TO BE CONTINUED.Well here is a story that I wrote on the second part of the story Here is a picture of Bella Daniel and Molly.I hope you enjoy and please leave me a comment.

While Bella just flew out the toilet’s she saw the kids who bullied her and said “Get away you Loser’s” and they said “NO we don’t wanna” and so Bella got really mad her face was burning and red it’s like she was going to explode but they ran away because they got scared. While they were running one of them said “I’m sorry for all the thing I did to you and for bullying you I PROMISE it won’t happen again” and so Bella just went off flying back to her place.

While she was flying she saw someone on the ground laying down she thought is was a bird but she went closer and closer it was her big brother Daniel.She came rushing to him and said “Are you OK Dan” “What happened” said Bella to Daniel.Daniel answered back it was 2 robbers who came and stole our expensive stuff that mum and dad gave us.

So Bella said to Daniel where is the ot
her’s he said “Under the tiny bed because they got scared” Bella went off to the room and said “why are you guy’s there”Bell’s little sister Molly said “We are scared because they might come and kidnap us” and Bella said “Oh don’t worry I will protect you’s I have super power’s” Oh really said molly to Bella Um yes I do I can prove it so she did she breathed out fire, so molly was laughing weird because she thought that Bella was lying but she didn't she had actual power’s to save people’s lives.

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