Monday, 25 August 2014

Arriving to Samoa.

Learning about Samoa By Juliet,Rowana,Jessica and Ashley from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Hello everybody Today my group has been learning lots of different kind of things in Samoa.Me and my group has been making a movie of Samoa,There are lots of different kind of food and sports in Samoa.Samoa is different than New Zealand because of the languages and their island foods.People in Samoa can speak English a little bit just like my papa.

The food in Samoa that I know are
1.Chop sui (Sapasui)
2.Taro (Kalo)
3.Pork (Pu aka)
4.Lamb (Mamoe)
 5.Fish (Eka)
6.Chicken (Moa)

Samoa is one of my favorite places to go because they have nice Beaches and they have a very hot and sunny day over there its like I am going to faint in the middle of nowhere.I like to learn more of Samoa even though I am a half Samoan. Here is a movie that my group has been working on.I hope you enjoy and please  leave me a comment.

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