Monday, 2 November 2015

Losing Things (School Bag)

Hello there here is a writing that I have been doing in Literacy class. This is about Losing my School Bag. It is not easy looking for things that you lost. I hope you enjoy my Writing and please leave me a comment.

Losing Things
“Ohh my gosh” in the last week of the holidays I lost my school bag. I only had 7 more days left until school will be starting Term 4. I couldn't stop looking for my bag because I didn't want to go to school with a plastic bag holding my lunch inside, that’s going to be so embarrassing. So on Tuesday I kept telling my siblings where they put it or whether the,v used it for something. “Raewen do you know where I put my school bag” “No” yelled Raewen from the living room.

So I went off telling the rest of my siblings “No” as I walked past their room, they knew that I was going to tell them Where's my Bag. I went off asking my parents to help me look for my School Bag. “I am Sorry Sweetie there is no sign of your bag” said my mum, “There is nothing” said my dad walking up to me.

After the next day it was Saturday morning. I woke up at around 7.30, I quickly woke up and thought it was school. I saw my Parents and Siblings still tucking themselves in sleeping in. It was lunchtime, my heart is Peeping Boomboom Boomboom Boomboom, I felt like telling my parents to go and buy me another school bag but I was too scared because sometimes I am not comfortable telling parents what I want and what I want them to buy.

So later that day my mum said “Have you found your bag yet Rowana” “No” once I answered back to her. “Ohhh you don’t to worry about anything and i mean anything” said my dad “why” I replied back “Well you have been working hard looking for that bag of yours, so we decided to buy you a new one, an Adidas School Bag” I couldn't thank my Mum and my Dad for buying me a bag. “Thanks Mum and Dad I couldn't done this without you.” Said myself.

That was so hard looking for your bag. On the first week at school I had the perfect day ever, Getting to hang with my Teachers and Friends. When you put things away make sure you know where you put it and make sure that you will remember otherwise you will lose it like me and have to ask and look for ages until some will find it or buy a new bag for you.

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