Friday, 5 January 2018

2017 Best Memories

Hey bloggers its been a long time since I have posted, This will probably be the first post for 2018 "Happy New Years." I am writing a blog post about one of my favorite memories of 2017. There are so many favourites that I would love to talk about but to keep this blog short and interesting I would likely start off with having a Trip to Samoa. On the 30th of September me and my family got to have a 2 week holiday in the lovely Island of Samoa. What I can remember was that we went out to: George's Pizza, Meeting our families, going to the beach, and saving the best for last going to Mac Donald's. The first week when we were in Samoa we stayed at a Resort. One house for the girls and the other for the boys, we only got to stay at the resort for only one week so that means that we had to make the most of it before we leave to our aunties house and stay there till then. While we spent our time at the Resort it was very very hot. It was one of the worse weather I have probably experienced, I was so burning hot and I couldn't feel any wind or breeze passing by me. The whole week we swam in the pool for about 6 to 7 hours each day which is pretty fascinating for us. I really enjoyed my time over in Samoa, I wish that we could stay a bit longer to spend more time with our family and also going places where we haven't been to, I have also experienced a lot over in Samoa, I am so lucky to have a family that cares so much about me and that always supports me and helps me succeed in life.
One of my other favorite memories from 2017 was getting to participate in Poly fest. Joining the Samoan group for poly fest was one of my goals for 2017, at first I didn't really wanted to go because how shy I was but when I realise that I have to complete my goal I decided to join the group. As I was participating I was really proud of both me and my sister, I was proud that we had the courage to join this group. Joining the Samoan group with all my friends had helped me gained my confidence and has really helped me learn more about my identity. I am really thankful in being in the Tamaki Samoan group and hope to join again this year.  

Last but not least favorite times from 2017 was making it in the Yr 9 Netball Team. I had so much fun playing and bonding with my closest friends. We didn't come a place but we were so proud of each other that we have made it far together. In our netball team we like courage one another and we push each other to get better at Netball. We have made mistakes as a team but manage to get thorough them together. I am so proud of my netball girls because without them we wouldn't be making it this far.  Here are some photos for you to enjoy

I hope you enjoyed my post and please feel free to leave a comment. Here are some questions that I want to ask you.

Have you ever been to Samoa?
Have you joined Poly fest? if yes please comment
Have you ever played netball before?


  1. Hi Rowana. I loved reading about your special memories from 2017. I hope to visit Samoa one day, and be in the audience for Polyfest one day too. I have lots of memories myself of playing in my school netball team and I agree about the bonds you make with your teammates. I hope you can play together in 2018. Have a great start to 2018! Jenny (Manaiakalani Education Trust)

    1. Hey Jenny,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I appreciate the positive compliments too, I will indeed have a great start to 2018. Thank you once again