Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Bonus Points

Summer Learning Journey Bonus Points

Some people prefer Modern Learning Environments while others aren’t so sure. Take a look at the pictures above. The one on the left is a photograph of a traditional classroom, and the picture on the right is of a Modern Learning Environment.

Imagine that you are a teacher, and design your own classroom. What would it look like? What furniture would you have? I would love to have some beanbags for reading on.

Draw a floorplan of your classroom (either in Google Draw or on paper) and upload it to your blog. Describe what is special about your classroom and why you designed it this way.

I’ve drawn a classroom with pink carpet and bright coloured tables. I also included a kitchen so that we can do cooking every day and a HUGE bookshelf because I love to read! What would you like to see in your classroom?

This is my classroom, it has a big navy blue carpet, It has 3 chairs, the 2 round tables are for the student and the rectangle is the teachers table. The 3 coloured oval shapes are Bean Bags and of course a big Library Shelf.

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