Monday, 15 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Day4

                                             Summer Learning Journey Day4
                                                             Activity 2

I have watched a video called Ki O Rahi, ki o rahi is based on the Purakau of Rahitutakakina and the rescue of his wife Tiarakurapakewai. 

A large team game played between 2 teams, kioma and taniwha on a large circular field. Played for 4 quarters or 2 halves of a set time, teams alternate roles of Kīoma and Taniwha at half or quarter time.
Kīoma score by touching Pou/s with the Kī (for potential points) then running the Kī through Te Roto and placing it down in Pawero to convert pou touches into points. Kīoma stop the other team, Taniwha.
Taniwha score by hitting the Tupu with the Kī. Kīoma will have Kaitiaki (guardians) around the Tupu to stop Taniwha from hitting the Tupu. Depending on which variation is being played, Taniwha must stop Kīoma from scoring by either touching, 2 handed touch, ripping the tag or tackling them in the appropriate area. 
The list of the game benefits that I know is, 
Image result for ki o rahiA wide range of skills will be learnt and improved while playing Kīo Rahi.
Running, sidestepping, being evasive with a Kī
One handed and two handed accurate passing and catching
Flag/tag ripping skills
Jump shots and accurate shooting/throwing
Communication and team work
Click Here to learn how to play Ki O Rahi

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