Monday, 15 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Day 4

                                                      Summer Learning Journey Day 4
                                                                     Bonus Points

I have finish watching the 3 performances and all 3 of them were really good. Here are my ranking for each performance.

1st =

Te Iti Kahurangi

2nd =

3rd = 
Te iti Kahurangi, was my favorite because when I clicked on the video it showed up with many woman's being furious and it kinda scared me a little but what I could see from the performance was that they were all trying there hardest and that's what I liked about the group. 

Tamatea Arikinui, was my second favorite performance because I liked there movements with there poi's and the group choreography was really good like they all went at the same time as a team and every looked like they were very happy and I loved they actions that they have shown

Te Puku o te ika, was my last favorite it was very good, i am proud of the group they tried there best and they never gave up. I also liked there performance because they were dedicating this song to someone very special that had passed away. They looked a bit sad but I knew that they were trying there best. 

Keep up the best effort to all 3 Kapahaka Groups. 

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