Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Health - Digizen

Today in health class me and my class has been working on Cyber Bullying. Here is a Digi zen that I have created. There was options that you had to pick, What you want the world to do? I said that I don't want anyone in the world to hack your page on any Social Media sites because it belongs to you and there is no right for that person to hack your account or page.

 Also on Social media I want to make sure that my friends are alright because I don't want anything to happen to them especially on the internet because nothing is private.

What is Keyboard Warriors?
Keyboard warriors means when someone is making wrong choices like when a person is posting aggressive or abusive photos and messages online.

Why are there Keyboard Warriors?
In my opinion I think that there is keyboard warriors because people wants to humiliate you in front of the whole world or probably because they don't want to express there anger. 
I also think that there are keyboard warriors because they want to abuse people online and that they can't say anything in front of there faces because they are too afraid.

What can we do to help stop the Keyboard Warriors?
I say that we should gather our people or the community to help stop those Keyboard Warriors. If that doesn't work than you can just help that person who is getting humiliated, and can help them find the Keyboard warrior.

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